Hello world!

My Name is Steve Gannon, I come from an Irish neighborhood in Cleveland Ohio. Since I was young I have wanted to do things with video games. I was in love with games because that was one of the only things my father and I could do together due to him being a paraplegic. His disability made it so he couldn’t do things a normal dad would do with his son but he made the best out of it by playing video games with me. My father was a large influence on my life so when I lost him in the winter of 99 I was heartbroken and discouraged. It took me awhile but I pulled my boot straps up and I made it into a private high school. I played Rugby for a few years until a back injury made it so I had to sit out for my senior year. I loved my school especially since they offered programming classes. I took Visual Basic, C#, and Java while in high school.


Once I started experiencing the things I could do with code I feel in love. I loved the fact that after I figure out all the logic and got all of the code down, there was this program that I made with my two hands. I love how I can do anything with code from programming video games to programming robots.  I saw programming as a relaxing zen thing to do. I have a great passion for programming and that is why I think making a career out of it was the best thing I could do. I went to The University of Advancing Technology for a degree in Software Engineering and Video Game Programming. I had a great time at UAT and learn a lot. I feel like I am able and ready to take on the world that lies ahead of me. A wise man once said “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”(Lao Tzu). I have taken that first step and now I am ready to start my adventure.

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