Department of Defense Internship

DDescription: The Department of Defense was looking to make two video games that they can put up on their website for the youth of America to see the dangers of the internet and how to protect them. The project that I was on for the DoD was Cyber Hero. Cyber Hero was meant to teach children about all the different types of viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious attacks. The game has a story mode that teaches the children about the different types of threats and explains how to get rid of them. Then the game puts the child in a tower defense game where they are in charge of Cyber Hero and protecting the network. They need to place down PC’s that act as a hub to build protection off of such as a Virus Defense Tower.

Project Files: PDF

Documentation Journal: PDF

Link to the game: PLAY GAME

Project Status: Completed

Project Type: Team

      • David Wessman Game Design Professor
      • Shelly Keating Network Security Professor
      • Steve Gannon Game Programmer
      • Chantel Nicholas Game Programmer
      • Kayla Harris Lead and Game Programmer
      • Jordan Sargent Game Programmer
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