DirectX Gauntlet Inspired Game

Description:  Gauntlet was an old arcade/nes game that allowed multiple people to play at once as a group of adventures. You could play as a warrior, wizard, valkyrie, and elf. I am creating my own spin on the Gauntlet game by creating puzzles to go along with the original core of the game. I also want to add more characters and different RPG elements into the game such as equipment drops and what not but still making it so that the players kind of have this power struggle amongst each other. The game is using DirectX9 and will be tile base and have more of a Zelda feel to it then the traditional Gauntlet. the rooms will be scrolling instead of warping. Sprite sheets have been ether made or found and the basic shell of a game has been created and more content is read to be added. A designer has been given the project to also work on levels and puzzles to give the players a good challenge along side a balanced game.

Project Files: PDF

Status: In Development

Project Type: Solo

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